In education, audio-visual equipment isn’t as simple as speakers and projectors we understand that engaging students and providing teachers with the tools to give enthralling lessons.


In Educational settings, we often see fixed AVs such as smart boards for teaching but more and more we are seeing the need for moveable and interactive devices such as portable touchscreen TVs. Cornerstone isn’t just here to maintain the AV services you currently have we are here to advise and guide you to get the most out of your classrooms and breakout spaces ensuring that staff and students can lose themselves in education.


AV doesn’t just stop on the walls of classrooms; studies have shown that even with a 70” screen 61% of students can’t read the content displayed. This is why we believe that 1 to 1 AV solutions such as iPads in classrooms won’t just engage students it helps them take in the lessons far better than in traditional settings.

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