Utilising software such as Apple Classroom, Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Teams to name a few we put the power of online learning in the hands of all education settings ensuring that no matter the needs of accessibility your school or students have there Is a bespoke solution for all.


Pairing the right software and hardware is difficult, that’s why we are here to not just get the software that can bring everyone together but also the hardware that can support it too. The ability of Apple devices makes them a great pairing giving you crystal clear video and audio ensuring that all users become immersed in the lesson rather than distracted by issues.


Once the right solution is in place students handing in work and keeping track of this progress becomes the hardest task with over 80% of all students feeling lost or confused by the process. We ensure that there is a robust structure in place so that not just the teacher and school have full visibility over learners but students can also see easily where they are and how they are progressing reversing the issue to have over 90% integration rate overall in school settings.

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